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ExtraTorrent has a New Domain

We have added http://extratorrent.pro/ to our network, have fixed the torrent download button issue.

We now have 2 download buttons, firs...

ExtraTorrent Under Major Attack

We were recently attacked and some of our data has been lost, our team is working on it to get that data back.

Authorities and our Competitors does not want us to Continue this ExtraTorrent Project.

But We are going to fight for the sake of Torrenting

Kickass Torrents KAT has been Added to Our Network

Breaking News:

The Kickass Torrents (KAT) has been added to our Network Now.

Chat Room Added to ExtraTorrent Network for ET Community Members

Good News:

The Live Chat Room is now enabled at ExtraTorrent Network.

Now All Members of ExtraTorrent can join each other on a realtime chat app.

This ExtraTorrent Chat Room is a Beta Version.

We are Adding more and more cool features to ExtraTorre...

ExtraTorrent New Index Page

Due to our old Index Page being blocked by Search Engines.

We have decided to bring this new index page for you to get our good presence in All Major Search Engines.

We were receiving so many complaints about our home page is not showing up in the search engines.

Nyaa:: The Biggest Japanese Media Torrents is Alive Now

Nyaa: after a short period of time we have now recovered another shut down of a legendary website belong to Japanese Media Animation Called Nyaa.se

Most of the Torrents has ...

Quality Uploaders for Games and Anime

ExtraTorrents.cx Looking for Quality Torrents for Games and Anime categories for our Co-Projects



Extra.cx has been Added to ExtraTorrents Network

Upon too many users requests we have now added the Extra.cx to our network.

Extra.cx is used to display torrent description only.

Full Content ...

Seed Request for Dead Torrents

In this Page you can ask other member of ExtraTorrent to seed for the torrent you want to download.

You just need to post the link in your comments for the torrent you want others to seed for you.


Request Movies to be Added to ExtraTorrent

Here you can request any released movie to be added in ExtraTorrents.

We will try our best to add that movie as soon as possible.

You can request movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Italian, French, German, and so on.

You can even request movies in 3D, 1080p, 7...

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